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Personal Injury Law

Car Wrecks
For many years, Galloway and Galloway, P.C. has been helping victims of auto accidents get all of the compensation they deserve. When you have been hurt in a car accident, you need an attorney who takes the time to explain your rights, fights to recover all of your damages, and resolves your medical bills and health insurance claims. Too many people take a quick settlement that does not pay for all the damages suffered in an accident. Do not let this happen to you! Call Galloway & Galloway, P.C. today so we can start protecting your rights.

Large Truck Accidents
Car wrecks involving large commercial vehicles require special legal consideration. If you have been hit by any sort of large truck, it is likely there are special laws and insurance requirements that are applicable to your case. It is important that you choose a law firm that is experienced in negotiating these types of cases. Do not wait; call Galloway And Galloway, P.C. today!

Slip and Fall
Many people are surprised to learn that slip and fall cases are some of the most difficult types of accident claims to make a legal case for damages. Just because you fell inside a store, even on something slippery, does not always mean the store must compensate you for your injuries. The laws can be against the injured party and the facts really matter. If you have been injured in a slip and fall, the store probably has a video tape of the accident and an accident form already filled out containing witness statements, and likely including your own. You need an attorney now to even the odds and increase your chances of getting a fair settlement.

Medical Malpractice
It is always heartbreaking to learn that a loved one has been seriously injured or has passed away, but it is even worse to learn that such damages have been caused by the negligence of a doctor, hospital, or other type of medical provider. It is not easy to bring a medical malpractice case, as not every mistake is malpractice, and the law requires an expert with similar training and experience to agree that the injuries suffered were caused by the failure to meet the applicable standard of care before you can even initiate litigation. If you believe you or a loved one has suffered an injury as the result of medical malpractice, you need a law firm that has experience in identifying and negotiating these types of claims. Lean on Galloway & Galloway, P.C.

Nursing Home Abuse
Nursing Home Abuse or neglect is a type of medical malpractice involving patients being mistreated while in a nursing home or similar type of facility where patients are supposed to receive skilled medical care. An especially egregious type of nursing home malpractice is when patients are allowed to develop horrendous Pressure Sores, also known as pressure ulcers, due to the facility’s negligence and neglect. If you believe any of your loved ones is the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, we would like the opportunity to right such wrong.

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Family Law

There are many types of family law cases, and Galloway & Galloway, P.C. has the experience you need in dealing with all of these very important legal matters. Most areas of family law can be divided into either Uncontested cases, where a party believes that he or she and the other party can agree on all terms of settlement, or Contested, which means the parties have at least one issue that they are contesting because the parties cannot agree or where the other party refuses to negotiate. There is no area of the law that is more important to a client than family law cases. Galloway & Galloway, P.C. can help you in all contested and uncontested family law matters and can provide you with the legal expertise you need.

Every divorce is different, and there is no form that exists that can address all of the issues, rights and options that may apply to a person getting a divorce. Way too often people sign divorce paperwork and never realize what they have given up or what options were available to them. A divorce is a big event and everyone should have legal representation to protect their rights.

Whether as an issue in a divorce, or as the subject of a modification, nothing is more important than who has custody of your children. It is important for you to understand both legal and physical custody issues and how such will affect you and your child. You likely have options, and custody determinations result in numerous parenting duties and responsibilities for both parents, so do not forgo legal representation when you need it most.

Visitation is another area that can be part of a divorce or a stand-alone issue in a modification action. A proper parenting plan should not just detail when each parent is to have visitation with the minor child, but should be crafted to the best needs of the child and both parents. The parenting options are many and your choices are not limited to checking boxes on a form. Not having a parenting plan that protects your rights as a parent and is properly crafted to the needs of your child and your particular circumstances, can cause a parent to be trapped in a horrible situation where a party must comply with an order that is difficult or impossible to follow and not in the best interest of the minor child. Contact Galloway & Galloway, P.C. so we walk you through all of your options.

Child Support
Like custody and visitation, child support can be the issue of a divorce or the subject of a modification, as well as an issue in a paternity or legitimation case. The state of Georgia has established Child Support worksheets and schedules to determine the presumptive amount of child support a parent should pay each month. However, such calculations are only going to be accurate if the correct information is entered. A single error could cost you a great deal of money. It is important to have an attorney to make sure all factors are considered when calculating the appropriate child support.

A paternity action is filed to establish who the biological father is when such fact cannot be agreed upon by both parties. When an agreement cannot be reached, a DNA test is performed. Once paternity has been established, the father will definitely have the obligation to pay child support. It is very important to know that a paternity action only establishes who the biological father is and likely causes a child support order to be entered, but a paternity action does not give a father any legal rights.

Most people are quite surprised to learn that when a baby is born to a mother who is not married, the mother has sole custody rights to the child, regardless of whether or not the father is identified on the birth certificate. The biological father to a child who is not married to the mother or obtained legitimation has no rights for custody, visitation or any other parenting rights regarding that child. Other than marrying the mother or obtaining administrative legitimation, the only way a biological father can obtain rights to his child would be to file a legitimation action whereby the father seeks to become the legal father. When such is done, the father can also ask for the child’s name to be changed, as well as seek custody and visitation rights.

Adoptions are a special area of family law where a new parent-child relationship is created, usually after a prior parent-child relationship has been terminated. There are many types of adoptions, the most common being spousal adoptions where a spouse is adopting a child the other spouse brought into the marriage and familial adoptions where another family member adopts a child that is in need of a parent. Not all family law lawyers practice adoption law. If you need help obtaining an adoption, contact Galloway & Galloway, P.C.

Motions for Contempt
When a party has violated the terms of a court order involving any of the family law areas above, the other party has the right to file a motion for contempt to seek enforcement of the court order. When a court hears a contempt case, the only issue to be decided by the court is whether or not a party has willfully failed to comply with an earlier court order and if so, what action the court will take to enforce the order. This could cause the violating party to be fined or put in jail. Whether the other party has violated the order, or a contempt action has been brought against you, it is important for you to have competent legal representation.

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Real Estate Law

Galloway & Galloway, P.C. has been handling residential and Commercial closings throughout the greater Savannah are for over 40 years. You can trust Galloway & Galloway, P.C. to have the expertise and experience to ensure a smooth closing.
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Wills & Probate

Wills & Related Documents
Everybody needs a will because someday, each one of us is going to leave this world.
Whether you are like most people and only need a simple will, or you have a much larger estate and may need a complex will, Galloway & Galloway, P.C. has been providing estate planning services to our clients for decades. It’s important to remember that a will is not mainly for you; a will is written to protect the ones you leave behind and prevent the expense of a costly administration.

It is also very important to understand that in addition to a will, everyone needs a Living Will and a Durable Power Of Attorney for Health Care to cover those situations in which a medical decision needs to be made but you are unable to make the decision yourself.
It is essential in estate planning to have these documents prepared when a will is created, because a will has no legal effect until ones death.

Many people also need a Financial Power of Attorney in order to have someone else legally handle your financial affairs when you are unable to do so yourself.

If you have lost someone dear to you and you need help handling your loved one’s estate, Galloway & Galloway, P.C. can help you through this most difficult time. Hopefully, your loved one died possessing a will, but if not, we can help you by filing an Administration on their estate so the estate can be administered according to law. While administrations are not usually as simple as a probate, many times such can be performed in an uncontested manner. However, if there is a dispute as to who should inherit property of the deceased, Galloway & Galloway, P.C. has the expertise to handle all such cases.

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Get the Debt Relief You Need Now!

Individual Bankruptcy
Chapter 7 & Chapter 13
Sometimes you may find yourself in financial difficulties that you cannot get out of on your own. Are you facing a Foreclosure of your home or Repossession of your vehicle? Has a creditor sued you and is about to Garnish your wages? Whether you are facing a dire emergency or your finances are a house of cards and making minimum payments just isn’t cutting it, we can help you get out of your financial nightmare today.

We are a Debt Relief Agency. We help people file bankruptcy under the US Bankruptcy Code.

Business Bankruptcy
Chapter 7 & Chapter 11
Sometimes good businesses fail. If your company is going out of business and you want to avoid creditors calling, suing, or making other attempts to collect debt against the business, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the right choice for your business.

If your company has current debt obligations that it cannot meet, a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy - or debt reorganization - may be in your business’s best interest. While Chapter 11 Bankruptcies typically require a higher financial investment, your business may be better off long-term using a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to restructure its debt to get through its current difficulties.

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Criminal, Traffic & DUI

At one point or another, you may find yourself facing a minor or major traffic violation.

Sometimes good people make bad decisions and end up being charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or otherwise run afoul of the law.

When you find yourself in legal trouble, contact an attorney that you can trust to handle these matters in the best possible way.